Friday, March 27, 2009

Facebook Part 4: More about Pages...

Ok, so I'm not setting the best example here as I'm still working on setting up my own Page. The problem has been (as I'm sure many women can understand) that I hate having my photo taken! I did however, manage to get a friend who I work with on consulting projects to take some professional photos of me. She did a great job and for once in my life I was comfortable in front of the camera. Thanks Alana! Check out her website Alana Hayes Photography. She specializes in photos of children and families but also does great corporate and commercial pictures.

So, when I get those photos in a few days my Facebook Page should be up and running! In the meantime here are some new things I've learned:

* With the new changes Facebook Pages are now much more similar to the normal profile pages and are easier to customize.

* Posts on your Page appear in the News Feed of your fans giving you a great way to tell people about new promotions or changes in your business (I did mention this last time but it's worth mentioning again!)

* You can add videos, photos etc. on your wall and have it shared with your fans. You can also chose to not have it sent out to your fan's Newsfeed so they will only see it if they visit your page. This is a great place to post photos or news coverage of events and projects you have been working on! I am in the process of creating photo albums for the different projects I have worked as soon as I finish this post.

* A great tool is the INSIGHTS TOOL which lets page owners find out how many users are viewing your posts - a great way to know if you are attracting enough 'fans' or if you need to work to get more.

* When you first create your page be careful about the Name and Category you pick - these two options cannot be changed. The Category you pick also determines what will show up on your Page - a restaraunt for example may have information such as location and attire but another type of business won't.

* BLURB BOX: In the upper left hand side of the Page. It's a great space to share more information about your organization or even post your favourite saying.

* APPLICATION BOXES: You can put up to 4 applications boxes on your Wall (left hand column)

* You can edit your wall so that it either shows only posts from your organization or else these posts and posts from fans. Just go to the 'settings' tab.

* EVENTS: You can let your fans know about upcoming parties, promotions or any kind of event with this application. After a fan RSVP's the event is added to their calendar and News Feed where their friend can see it.

And finally, don't forget to take advantage of all the other Facebook applications out there that have been built by third parties. I'll try and find some interesting ones for my next post.

Night everyone!

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